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Embrace the limitless speed of light


Mild, Hot or Extra Hot User? We got all your needs bundled into packages which have been tailor-made for each and every one of you.


Ultra-Fast Speeds With no international bandwidth cap, you can now surf web content at tremendous speeds of up to 20 Mbps.


  • Enjoy maximum bandwidth to surf, download and stream multimedia content with no set limit on international transfers or file sharing.
  • Regardless of the number of people online, users enjoy a superior access to international sites with high download speeds…
Faster Uploads & Downloads


Upload and share large files in seconds with higher connectivity speed. Enjoy light fast local upload and download speeds


Multiple Access


Allow everyone in the family to enjoy high-speed internet at the same time with bees, which supports access by multiple applications and users while maintaining high speeds.


  • Ideal for bandwidth-intensive applications such as data downloading or music and video streaming
  • Able to simultaneously support activities such as online chat, file downloading and internet surfing


*Prices are inclusive of VAT.